Michael Cheung
Creative Director


Michael Cheung is the Creative Director of Headquarters, one of Hong Kong's leading hair salons. After graduating from the renowned London-based Vidal Sassoon academy in 1994, Michael officially joined Headquarters. Since then, Michael has gone on to make a name for himself in the industry, where he is well known for experimental hair style that express individuality. Through the years, Michael has worked with many Asian’s most famous artists and celebrities, and has acted as the hair styling director in numerous hair shows, fashion shows, international high end jewelry shows, TV commercials, graphic commercials and music TV. Michael is a perfectionist, his unique creativity in hair design has made him one of the most famous and popular hair stylists in town. Michael fondly describes Headquarters as the place that not only recognized his professional expertise but allowing enough freedom for his creative ideas to blossom.

Michael Cheung
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